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Pat  Southwood


Wood fired Ceramics from the Norfolk Broads

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Welcome to my blog


Here you will find the everyday ramblings of a rural potter.

Based in just outside Norwich in the beautiful County of Norfolk, next to Salhouse Broad.

Wood Fired/Soda  & Electric.

Pots for the home and for flowers .

Inspired by the East.

Norfolk & Japan.

Elemental, my dear Southwood.

By patsouthwood, Apr 10 2015 08:59PM

Elemental. My solo show at Yallops Gallery in Norwich proved to be an unexpected amount of fun. Getting the big pieces dry so early in the year was an issue as was Fredas impatience to get to 400 degrees in less than an hour. I lost a few good soldiers along the way. Ah well. She's not known as Fast Freda for nothing.

I was pleased with the body of work I ended up with, mostly. I thought that the work suited the Gallery, and lots of others thought so too. I had many complements, which was nice. It was interesting being in the City for a week at the Gallery. I am used to quiet, not cars

The exhibition has clarified the way forward, more research, more experimentation, more fun!

P.S. Just heard I am a finalist in the Craft & Design Magazine Selected Makers Awards 2015. Many thanks to those who voted for me. Watch this space!

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